Bodywork Fuel
Braking System Gearbox
Clutch Ignition System
Cooling System Interior Trim
Electrical System Propeller Shaft & Rear Axle
Engine Suspension & Steering
Fuel & Exhaust


The current engine is a re-conditioned engine believed to be to 18V582 specification Fitted with an unleaded cylinder head. 


Cooling System

Thermostat: 75° C 
Cooling Fan: Kenlowe Thermostatic controlled electric fan. (Dash mounted over-ride switch) 


Fuel & Exhaust 

The current exhaust system is a Falcon single box sports stainless steel system, coupled to a Falcon stainless steel manifold. The rear system was bought from Moss MG in 1988 and the manifold was fitted by MOSS in 1998. 



Carburettors: AAM Needles 
Air Filters: K&N 
Fuel Filter. 


Ignition System 

Distributor: Oselli Competition Distributor (No vacuum advance mechanism.) 
Luminition Electronic Ignition (optical sensed) 
Concealed immobiliser switch 



Unipart replacement unit 



Original unit 


Propeller Shaft & Rear Axle 

Fourth propshaft in my ownership. 
The axle is the third in the cars life. The current axle is 4 year old. 


Braking System 

Areoquip stainless steel flexible pipes. 
MGBGT V8 Brake pads fitted. This gives 20% greater area of contact with the disc. 


Electrical System 

Additional passenger foot well light 
Electrically operated aerial. 
Hazard Warning lights. 
Interior courtesy light delay. 
Kenwood CD player KCD 7060
Ipod charging adapter form KTD ltd Front Speakers: Audax 2 way 13 cm unit. 
Reat Speakers: Goodmans units with Audix drivers.
Red LED Indication lamp to show the operation of the electric fan. 
Smiths volt / battery condition meter 
Windscreen wiper delay. (Supplied by Maplin Electronics)
Costello interior heater fan.


Suspension & Steering

Springs: Moss Dynamic Coil Over Shocker Part Number: TMG49032 
GAZ Dampers set on the lowest setting
Bushes: Black Gaz bush on top mounting | Red bush on lower monuting.
500 lbs./inch 
V8 inner wishbone bushes. 
Anti roll bar: 3/4" diameter & associated bushes. 

Koni telescopic dampers. 
1" lower Leaf Springs 93 lbs./inch 
Nylatron Bushes: Spring Eye, Shackle bushes & Spring Pads. 

Ride Heights 

Measured on level ground between the lower edge wings, to the axis of the wheel centers. 

Measuring Tool

Left Front
Right Front
32.5 cm
32.5 cm
Left Rear
Right Rear
26 cm
26 cm



Avon ZV1 185/70 14".



Electric Aerial 
Canvas Hood 

Interior Trim 

Carpet in the footwells 
Leather gear leaver gaiter 
Moss boot carpet set 
Moss spare wheel cover 
Wood gear knob 
Chrome window winders 
Original steering wheel recovered in leather.