Camera Equipment

I use the excellent Nikon D90 and a new to me Nikon D750. In addition to these great cameras I use the stunning Fuji X100T. This camera really challenges you as a photographer but it delivers unique image quality and rewards in so many ways.

In my Nikon lens bag I have the 10-24mm DX zoom, 18-200mm DX zoom, 33mm DX fixed and the 24-120 FX zoom. I started out with a Kodak Instamatic 155x camera at the age of 12, borrowed my father’s Kodak Retinette, and then moved on to the sturdy Olympus OM-10 and 10 years later, an OM-2; a camera that is my favorite, particularly with a 28mm f2.8 prime lens.

I switched to Nikon equipment as I was very impressed with my Nikon f2.8/50mm enlarging lens that gives stunning sharpness mounted on my LPL enlarger. It’s been Nikon thereafter as result.