MGB - GHN5 295589 G

Welcome to these pages where I have colated information about my MGB that I have owned since 1986 when I bought it as my first car. I have covered to date over 150,000 miles driving it as far north as The Isle of Harris and as far south at the Avignonin France. Not a vast range when compaired with other's travels but great fun. In 2007 a situation arose where the sills were badly corroded and I needed to decide weather to scrap or restore the car. Pictures and detials are in the restoration pages. I decided to restore using a BMHT replacement body shell.


Concours d'Elegance at the Hurlingham Club 5th June 2010


When I aquired the card from D&S Classic Sports Cars the car was in preity much origional condition other than some repairs that had been done to the sills to remedy corrosion.