Ride height measuring tool

During work on my suspension I devised a tool for measuring ride heights. I developed a simple, cheep and (reasonably) accurate tool for the job.

Take a 2-3 foot length of 1.5"x1.5" wood and hammer a 6 inch nail through one end of  the length of wood. Take care to ensure that the nail goes through at 90 degrees or measurements will be inaccurate. From the axis where the nail passes through the wood, mark off a scale 20-40 cm on the wood. Now you have your measuring tool.

 To use this, remove the MG hub cap if you have rostyle wheels, and locate the tip of the nail in the dimples that mark the axis of the hubs. 

Hold the wood vertical and read off your ride height !! Simple… Measuring a B takes 10 mins and with this tool and you will consistently locate the wheel centers. 

NB during storage, place an old wine cork over the end of the nail to prevent injury and accusations of manufacturing an offensive weapon ! 

Total cost £ 0 except for the cork from a bottle of wine, but you can assess this !!!

Note: scale enhanced in photo for clarity.