List of origional parts

This list is a list of the parts that were retained from the origional car and which were on the car when I purchaeed it and are beleived to have not been replaced.

Air pipes Fuse box Reversing light x1
Air vents Gear leaver Rocker cover
Ash tray Gearbox Rocker heater pipe
Battery clamps Gearbox filler bung Screen frame
Battery cover Handbrake Seat frames
Bonet suppoet Headlamp cowl x1 Solenoid
boot badges Heater box Speedo cowl
boot lid support Heater motor Starter motor
Boot light Hood & toneau studs Steering column
Carbs & manifold Hood frame Steering rack
Centre console Horn Steering wheel
Chrome strips Inlet manifold Thermostat housing
Crank shaft pulley Interior light Timing chain cover
Cross member Number plate holders Voltage regulator
Dashboard Oil cooler pipes Washer bottle
Dipstick Pedal box Washer nozzels
Disc back plates Pedal frame Washer pipes
Door glass Pedals Winder mechanisms
Door handles Petrol pipe Wiper rack
Door release handles Quarter lights
Fly wheel radiator bannel & supports
Fuel Filler pipe Rear view mirror 
Fuel pump breather pipe Rear number plate lights