Camera Equipment

I started my photography journey with a Kodak Instamatic 155x camera at the age of 12, then borrowed my father’s Kodak Retinette, and moved up to the sturdy Olympus OM-10 (50mm F1.8 combo) in 1982, having some success with the UK Premium Bonds!

Ten years later I moved up to the iconic Olympus OM-2; a camera that is still my favorite, particularly with my 28mm f2.8 prime lens. – Much preferred over my OM 50mm F1.4 lens.

Today I currently use the excellent Nikon D750 having used the super Nikon D90 which was my first “grown-up” DSLR since 2009. In addition to these great cameras I regularly use the stunning Fuji X100T. This camera really challenges you as a photographer but it delivers stunning image quality and rewards in so many ways. Most of my images taken on Scottish Munroes, and those exhibited here, have been taken with this camera. It’s light and easy to use, especially with gloves on – particularly in Scotland, in February above 3000ft.

In my Nikon lens bag I have a 10-24mm DX zoom, 18-200mm DX zoom, 33mm DX fixed and a 24-120 FX zoom.

I switched to Nikon equipment away from the Olympus OM film system as I was so impressed with my Nikon f2.8/50mm enlarging lens that gives stunning sharpness mounted on my LPL enlarger. As a result, it has been Nikon thereafter.